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Journey of BestSound Center

BestSound Center was initiated by Sivantos India in the year 2012 with the vision of selling Brand Signia hearing aid through these centers only. The Idea well conceived was much ahead of times though we struggled in the first 3 - 5 years, we quickly gathered pace and gained trust and confidence of our customers. and with with consistency, patience and hard work. In just 7 years we have achieved a milestone of 300 Centers Pan India .

BestSound Centers today are spread geographically across major cities and emerging markets pan India. BestSound Center apart form dispensing Signia brand hearing aids and accessories associated it also provides for professional service in the filed of hearing Care and hearing loss. BestSound Center houses state-of-art facilities pertaining to hearing loss, testing and right product for you.

We have a Ambitious plans of providing for 350+ centers by 2025 thus spreading our foot prints in other Tier cities and broaden our facilities to reach out to people who either have no facilities in their vicinity or have to travel far and are not aware of what hearing loss means.

What we are today it wouldn't have been possible without you as our customers. With dedication and support, we look forward in expanding our operation and continue providing you with world-class service.

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