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Benefits for BestSound Center Partners

Brand Value:

Signia is one of the leading brands in the world. As a partner, you benefit by associating your business with this brand as we offer the extensive product portfolio including the Lithium-ion based rechargeable products.

Design Identity:

Establishes brand identity that will be perceived as immensely valuable by the customers. Additionally, gives an endorsement to the business and creates trust for end user.

Marketing & Promotion:

Retail marketing support to promote and establishing the center through hand-holding support for first six months of the operation. We offer professional marketing consultancy to promote your business.

BestSound Center is promoted through this dedicated website to increase awareness and penetration among end-users.

Dedicated software solution for BestSound Centers will help to operate the center professionally. Software will also help the center by providing services like Calendar Management, Patient Management, Inventory Management, Invoicing and generation of Management Information System (MIS reports).

We support you to generate new customers and increase footfalls in the center with proven methods., being a pioneer in the digital health-care domain, is generating prospective consumers for Sivantos. Synergy between Sivantos and is carving ways for providing better solutions at the doorstep through effective counselling and driving the clients to professionally managed wide network of BestSound Centers.


The unique brand identity of the BestSound Center creates trust with the end users which is reflected positively on the business. Partners are licensed to use the Signia Brand along with “Privileged Partner” and “BestSound” logo for the promotion of their center.

Business model:

Ownership of the BestSound Center remains with business partner. Profits are not shared and there is no franchisee fee.

Other Benefits:

  • BestSound Center will receive BSC Gold* status in the first year of operation under the ‘Vishwaas Rewards Program’.

  • BestSound Center has the privilege of having exclusive and the newly launched products, not available with other centers.

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