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BestSound Center Brand Guidelines

Every BestSound Center of ours have a consistent branding you can recognize it from a distance. Brand Consistency together resonates with our product and services. Though every BestSound Center may not be of the same size but nevertheless the brand essence would be the same across all the centers.

We have a virtual tour of BestSound Center all those who wish to start a new center and become our business partner or wish to upgrade their existing center one could see the brand guidelines in the Virtual tour.

The virtual tour illustrates how you need to follow the brand guidelines for office internal and external branding. The detailed guidelines are as follows;

The Center 3D View: The center 3D view illustrates how the center as whole will look like.

Outside Office:

Front View: The Front View will have creative as illustrated below will have branding of BestSound Center as per brand guidelines (Creative and Color). It will mainly consist of Brand ambassador Image, Signia Hearing aid Image and on the extreme right the address of the center.

Inside office:

Reception Area: The reception area will have a table, the bottom fascia will have a cut out as illustrated and walls too will have creative on sun board as depicted.

Waiting area: The waiting area will have same creative on sun board, sitting arrangements etc. as Illustrated below.

Counseling room: The Counseling room will have creative on sun board (namely the ear anatomy) and sitting arrangements as Illustrated.

Audiometric room: The audiometric room as mentioned below

Recommended material:

  • Recommended material:

  • fascia Front Glass One way Vinyl film.

  • Reception wall display: Acrylic cut out for logo and sun board for creative to be mounted on the wall.

Virtual Image of BestSound Center