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Motion Charge&Go SP X

Perform at your best in every situation

The new range of Signia Motion SP X hearing aids lets you take your performance to the next level.

Up to 61 Hours of use on a single charge.
No more annoying battery changes:
Wireless charging
Wireless charging

Brilliant sound
The latest Signia Xperience sound engine delivers the most advanced high-definition prescription audio.

Motion Charge&Go SP X

Key features:

They feature revolutionary sensor technology that even recognizes if you are moving or not, ensuring that you experience everything going on around you as you move through your day.

myControl App

Sleek design for the right fit

The new smaller design delivers a Super Fit together with Super Power and Super Features.

StreamLine TV

Be Brilliant with the right choice for you

Maintaining independence and being able to perform at your best are key concerns of everyone with moderate to profound hearing loss. No-one wants to be defined or limited by it. They want a hearing solution that helps them to move through life unhindered.

Signia has taken this concept to the next level so you can provide the right hearing aid experience to your clients that enhances their performance and lets them Be Brilliant, whatever their degree of hearing loss.

Motion Charge&Go SP X

This revolutionary device combines Super Power with super features. It is the complete package for anyone with severe to profound hearing loss because you also get Bluetooth, rechargeability and the Signia Assistant for all-round brilliance.


Our innovative Motion Charge&Go SP X and Motion Charge&Go P X hearing aids come with an option to upgrade to the world’s first UV Dry&Clean hearing aid charger that simultaneously dries and cleans molds/earpieces using UV light – in just 15 minutes. Because the higher the level of hearing loss, the more beneficial UV cleaning is for continuous customer satisfaction.

The innovative Signia Motion SP X range of sleek, modern, rechargeable devices stands up to any challenge to let you Be Brilliant – all day, every day.

Motion Charge&Go SP X

This is the world's first rechargeable Super Power BTE. Closing the gap between Super Power and super features, the innovative Motion Charge&Go SP X ultra-power device is the complete package for those who want to Be Brilliant despite severe to profound hearing loss. With Bluetooth connectivity, Li-ion rechargeability and telecoil, it offers a world of new hearing and handling possibilities not familiar to those with conventional SP devices.