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About SoundBites Newsletter

SoundBites newsletter an initiative from Sivantos India is to keep abreast of events happening coupled with updates on BestSound Center’s Pan India.

SoundBites gives you an essence of financial growth of the company and market share from time to time. Financial growth highlights is of prime importance to any company which motivates everyone.

SoundBites talks about successful launches of Signia product and the market responses to it. This in turn gives an insight about the product USP’s that are well accepted by the market and feedback received which can be incorporated for product enhancement and innovation. SoundBites provides insights on new technology adopted in lab technologies and in new products for hearing aids.

SoundBites covers voice of customer – both internal and external - voice that matters the most from our business partners be it case studies or customer delight all form an integral part of this Newsletter.

SoundBites includes workshops for business Partners and Employees apart from featuring of Accolades as an ecosystem initiative for learning and development.

Events across the world during the financial year or as and when are captured too in this newsletter.

Guest speakers in their respective field like Marketing, Audiology, New technology innovations in the hearing industry too are covered in SoundBites.

SoundBites is a six monthly magazine which can be downloaded by like-minded people. Their comments or suggestions, if any can be forwarded to our team for featuring in the forthcoming issue.

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